LTC Name Change

Name Change on License-To-Carry Requirements

Licensees are required to keep their license legal name current.

The option to change your name on your LTC online is no longer available. A form LTC-70 must be used for name change as noted below.

A License-To-Carry can be suspended for 30 days, if the legal name is not updated on the LTC within 30 days of a legal name change. A fine may also be assessed by the state.

If I move or change my name (or status, if you are a judge or a prosecuting attorney), how do I change the address or name on my license?

You must contact the DPS Concealed Handgun Section to receive a change of address form, or you may send a letter including your full name, CHL number, old address and new address (or status) and a cashier’s check or money order for $25.

You may call 1-800-224-5744, write Texas Dept. of Public Safety Concealed Handgun Licensing Bureau, P.O. Box 4087, Austin, Texas, 78773 or online at

You may download a PDF version of the form LTC-70 at: