Class Checklist

License-To-Carry Class Checklist

What To Bring To Our LTC Class

  1. Your Texas Drivers License (DL) or State ID.  Note:  Military Personnel bring DL and Military ID.
  2. A Handgun either a Semi-Automatic or Revolver (may be rented at gun range for $10.00 ammo is extra) that is of a .22 Caliber or higher for the shooting proficiency test. (Note: If as of September 1st, 2013 you can qualify with a semi-automatic or a non-semi-automiatic and be licensed to carry concealed any type of legal handgun).
  3. A box of 50 rounds of factory ammunition (may be purchased at gun range). No reloads please
  4. A hat (baseball cap or similar)
  5. The gun range provides Eye Protection, you may bring your own preferably with side shields – Regular glasses and sunglasses are acceptable. (Available free of charge at Big Kountry in Alvin)
  6. Gun range provides Hearing Protection, you may bring your own – Ear plugs or ear muffs.(Available free of charge at Big Kountry in Alvin)
  7. NO shorts
  8. NO flip flops or sandals

New LTC Licenses

You do not have to apply for your license before you take the class. It is a separate fee than the class/instructional fee. We will discuss the application process at the end of the class.

The state does not look at the application until you send in the paperwork that says you passed the class and shooting proficiency test.

You may complete the application for a new concealed handgun license online via the DPS website (click here).  If you apply online with DPS you will automatically entered in the CHL database and can register for finger printing through IdentiGo. Fingerprints will only be handled and submitted through IdentiGo.

When you apply online at the end of the application process a BAR CODE receipt will be displayed. PRINT IT. Be sure and give the state your e-mail address otherwise once you close that window you can not get back to that receipt. The state will e-mail you a copy of the receipt. Even though you do not have to, we recommend you submit a copy of the receipt when you submit you licensing paperwork to the state.

Class Time

Class start times vary by location and class type. Check homepage or your receipt for class schedule.

Class Location

A: In Lake Jackson the class room portion will be held at: Big Kountry Indoor Gun Range – Richwood – 2100 FM 2004 – Richwood, TX 77531 (Corner of Business 288 and FM 2004)

A: In Alvin the class and range time will be held at: Big Kountry Indoor Range – 1204 FM 1462 Rd, Alvin, Texas 77511 – Next to Tractor Supply

Renewal Licenses

NO CLASSES are required for a renewal license as of Sept. 1, 2013. Renewals will only need to reapply with the state and follow all state requirements.


We encourage you to bring a hat to wear to prevent spent hot brass from potentially burning you.  Please dress for the weather on the day of class.  Thanks.

If you have hearing and eye protection please bring with you, if not, we can loan you these items (limited items available). Please let us know prior to class if you will need these items.

We currently use several different locations to conduct the classroom portion to accommodate all citizens from difference locations throughout the state. Please call to verify where the classroom portion for the particular course you signed up for.

If you do not have a handgun it is acceptable to borrow someone else’s. Big Kountry also rents handguns for an additional fee of $10 plus the ammo. You may not use your own ammo with a rental gun.

The handgun range is located outside at a different location about a 15 minute drive from the classroom. The class room portion is located inside.  So please dress for the weather on the day of class.

Steps to Getting a Texas Concealed Handgun License**

To earn your Texas CHL the following criteria must be met:

  1. Meet all the eligibility requirements to carry a Texas Concealed Handgun license.** Click Here For Requirements
  2. Pass the state written exam with a 70% or better passing score.
  3. Pass the state proficiency/shooting exam with a 70% or better.
  4. Submit the following documents (I will give you a packet at class time with the below forms):
    • A Form-100 (I will supply) issued to you by your LTC instructor when you have completed and passed your Texas LTC written exam and proficiency shooting exam.
    • The photo from you Texas Drivers License or ID will be used for your License-To-Carry.
    • If you DO NOT have a valid Texas Drivers License or ID you will need the following items.
      • 2 passport photos – can be purchased from CVS or Walgreens
      • LTC-6 Photo Form – (I will supply)

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** It is the sole responsibility of each individual to determine if they are ELIGIBLE to receive a Texas License-To-Carry. Defense Tactics USA, My State of Texas CHL,, their owners, employees, and representatives are not responsible, nor obligated, to determine eligibility of any individual as to their ability to be issued a Texas Concealed Handgun license. Each individual must verify there own eligibility status or verify eligibility through consultation with an attorney or qualified legal representative. NO REFUNDS shall be issued after an individual has completed our training courses even if it is determined that the individual is or was not NOT ELIGIBLE to receive a Texas Concealed Handgun license from the State of Texas.