LTC/CHL Gift Certificates

License To Carry/CHL Gift Certificates

$89 Class & Range
Fee Included

Phone Number *REQUIRED
Name to go on
Gift Certificate *REQUIRED
License-To-Carry/CHL Class Gift Certificate

LTC/CHL Gift Certificate Info

  1. Individual redeeming gift certificate must meet all state requirements to attend class and qualify for a Texas License To Carry.
  2. Gift certificate will be e-mailed to customer in a PDF format with the recipient’s name on the gift certificate.
  3. Gift certificate may be cut along border with scissors.
  4. After being cut to size, the gift certificate should fit in a large greeting card envelope.
  5. We do not snail mail the certificates.
  6. Gift certificates are valid for 6 months. Date will be noted.
  7. To redeem the gift certificate have the recipient call or text “J.R.” at (979) 236-7785 to find the next available class.

For additional information call or text “J.R.” at (979) 236-7785

Available for Alvin and Lake Jackson areas.